contour-2You have found your life partner.  You have found THE ONE.  You have given them the perfect engagement ring, the ring they are going to wear for the rest of their life. We at Comeau Jewelry congratulate you. We are overjoyed for you. This is the beginning of a life-long journey; vacations, celebrations, children, anniversaries and family celebrations. As your future wedding date gets closer, we are here to assist you with one very common issue that we at Comeau Jewelry are uniquely equipped to overcome:

There is no matching wedding band that perfectly compliments her engagement ring.





Everyone is unique.  We are all different with our own tastes and opinions. We all have a vision for the perfect engagement ring, the perfect bridal look. But more and more often as styles change and become more ornate, your perfect bridal look does not come with a matching wedding band.  Typical straight wedding bands just don’t look right with your engagement ring. The engagement ring and the band don’t sit up flush next to each other and the look feels clunky and incomplete.

The solution is a flawlessly matching contour wedding band.  We want to help you find your band. We have several tools in our belt to make your search for your matching contour wedding band simple and enjoyable.

Option 1: Contour Kit. At Comeau Jewelry we have a patented contour ring kit that is designed to fit most styles of engagement ring. You select your contour, the metal the ring will be made in, and from 15 classic wedding band styles that are bound to WOW. These bands can be made to fit your wedding band in just 7 business days.

Option 2: A Custom Creation by Chris Keller or Chad Comeau. For the rare occasions that the contour kit doesn’t result in your perfect match, fear not! At Comeau Jewelry we have full custom capability.  Every step of the way we are right there with you, from digital rendering to casting the wax mold to the finished product. The entire process from start to finish typically takes about 3-4 weeks and the cost is only slightly more expensive than if you were to buy a straight wedding band out of our showcase.

Think of Comeau Jewelry Company first for your wedding band needs. We want to be your jeweler for a lifetime.