The Princess Cut Diamond is the second most popular diamond shape following the Round Brilliant Cut Diamond. Princess-Cut Diamonds became popular in the 1970’s and is therefore considered a very modern cut. Thprincess-landing-largee four corners of the Princess Cut Diamond add a certain edginess and make it a good fit for individuals which like to stand out.

The Princess is traditionally a square cut (four sides of equal length). However, many princess cut diamonds are slightly rectangular, though this is often hard to detect. All other things being equal, the more rectangular a princess cut diamond, the lower the price. Many brides actually prefer a slightly rectangular Princess Cut; it’s all about finding what is most pleasing to you.

Of all of the square cuts, the brilliant-cut Princess (along with the radiant cut) comes the closet to achieving the fire and brilliance of a round diamond, making it an ideal combination of unique shape, sparkling appearance, and relative price value.

Evaluating a Princess Cut’s Color: Evaluating color in princess cut diamonds is subjective. Keep in mind that many buyers may actually prefer the ever so slightly warmer colors of a G-H diamond over the cool colorlessness of a D-F diamond. In fact, most of the premium in price associated with princess cut diamonds at the higher end of the color scale is driven by supply and demand; customers want the D-F color grades, and are willing to pay a premium to get them. In a world without diamond color grading, the price premium for higher grades would be much lower, as the actual differences in color are difficult to perceive.

Evaluating a Princess Cut’s Clarity: Like color, evaluating clarity in princess cut diamonds is subjective. GIA provides excellent help with their clarity grades. Still, it is important to understand that each customer will have a unique standard for clarity. Some may be perfectly comfortable with an inclusion as long as they cannot easily see it. Others may insist on a more technically flawless appearance. Because of its brilliance, a princess cut is more forgiving of inclusions than other square cuts (like Asscher and Emerald), especially when viewed with the naked eye.

Several Celebrities don Princess-Cut Engagement rings, including Dancing with the Stars” judge Carrie Ann Inaba who wears a 2.5-carat, D-color, princess-cut diamond,  and Reality star Kendra Wilkinson wears a princess-cut engagement ring that her hubby Hank Baskett designed. The ring has a 2.25- carat center stone with 60 accenting diamonds around it.


Jessica Biel’s engagement ring is an incredibly beautiful piece of Hollywood jewelry, featuring a large center diamond that appears to weigh in at approximately six carats. The side stones are aquamarine, which is Jessica’s birthstone. The halo surrounding the center diamond gives the ring a lovely vintage look, and the uniquely shaped shanks provide balance to the entire design.