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You have been envisioning your perfect engagement ring since you were young, correct?  A few small things have changed, but you know exactly what you want.  We also know that you can’t find it anywhere. You want something special, unique, and something that you won’t see every other person wearing. The possibility of your ring being a “one of a kind” is intriguing.  You see gorgeous ideas on Pinterest and Etsy and you wonder if you can add them to your ring.  You absolutely can! At Comeau Jewelry, we recently made it even easier, and a lot more fun, for you to have your dream engagement ring.

We have added an exciting new “Create Bar” to both of our locations in Pittsburg and in Joplin.  Making an appointment for our Create Bar is not required but encouraged so you can insure a spot with one of our designers. Bring us ideas and pictures of your perfect engagement ring, take our fun design quiz, and then we can bring it to fruition right in front of you on a TV screen.  One of our designers might suggest one of our signature embellishments, like your monogram on the undergallery of your ring, or a hidden birthstone set into your design.  Once you finalize your design, be ready to fall in love all over again. We will 3D print a wax prototype of your future ring at our Create Bar so you can properly envision how the finished piece will look.

After your design is approved, the casting, stone setting, and finishing processes are underway.  The entire process only takes about 3 short weeks.  Our process takes a little longer than the traditional engagement journey of selecting a ring from the case, but what you are getting is truly unique. For a fraction more than you would pay for something already made, they can proudly say that your future partner made something one-of-a-kind and unique to your relationship. This soon-to-be family heirloom will represents your past and your happy future.

To make an appointment, call 417-625-1755 or email [email protected] for our Joplin Location. For our Pittsburg Store call 620-231-2530 or email [email protected]. Appointments are not necessary but highly encouraged.