Summer is the time for bright sunshine, celebrating with friends, and sitting by the cool water. Summer is the best time for us to recharge our batteries and give ourselves some extremely important TLC. It is time for us to relax, have some ME time, and maybe even treat yourself to a spa day.

Comeau Jewelry wants you to take your beloved jewelry to the “spa”. During the months of June and July. Comeau Jewelry is offering you a fantastic promotion. Is your treasured jewelry tired and worn? Would you like it to look better than the day you bought it? With Comeau Jewelry, we can extend the life of your jewelry by taking advantage of our Summer Spa Special! For only $50, we will check and tighten all loose stones, clean, polish, round, and if needed, even rhodium plate!!! (A $70 value)

In addition, not only will our work be to the highest standard, but we have a 24 hour turn-around guarantee on this basic service. (Additional repair is subject to a longer waiting period)